Radiator Services in Pendleton, OR

A damaged or malfunctioning radiator brings with it a whole host of troubles. Your engine could overheat and break down, or your cabin air might not be as warm as you need it to be. Your car could develop coolant issues. For these reasons and more, it’s important to schedule radiator repair in Pendleton, OR with Western Radiator Inc. as soon as signs of trouble start to become apparent.


Identifying Radiator Trouble

Radiator troubles can take many forms. It’s important to look for the signs that signal a need for repairs:

  • High engine temperatures or smoke coming from under your hood
  • Leaking coolant under your car or low coolant levels
  • No hot air in your cabin when you turn on the heat
  • Your check engine light is on

The best way to narrow down a radiator issue is to schedule an appointment with a professional for a precise diagnosis.


Our Radiator Services

Our shop offers the complete gamut of radiator services, designed to fix any problems your vehicle may be encountering with this vital component:

  • Repairs: Problems with your inlet and outlet valves? Issues with a dented or warped radiator? We provide repairs of all types, to restore your radiator’s function.
  • Rebuilds: If your radiator isn’t cooling properly any longer, allow us to disassemble and rebuild it to perfection. We could save you the cost of a brand-new unit.
  • Re-coring: We can completely re-core radiators and take pride in working quickly to get this job done.
  • Flushes: If you have coolant buildups or corrosion within your radiator, we can provide a radiator flush in Pendleton, OR to improve its efficiency and function.

Our radiator services are available to all types of vehicles, including general cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as agricultural and industrial vehicles and equipment.

For more information about our full scope of radiator services or to schedule an appointment with our shop, please contact us today by calling 541-276-6468.