Powder Coating in Pendleton, OR

Looking to stylize and personalize your car beyond just accessories and a new paint job? Consider the stylish and practical benefits of powder coating in Pendleton, OR. At Western Radiator Inc., we offer beautiful, protective powder coating services for vehicle parts and components, to help you customize and protect your car from heavy wear and tear.

powder coat rim

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an electrostatic finish that’s applied to auto parts. It’s sprayed on just like paint, however because there’s a current running through the metal, the spray is attracted to form an even, thorough coat. Once the auto part is coated, it’s baked in an oven so the powder can cure. When it emerges, it’s a hard, impervious shell that’ll stand up to abuse, moisture and all sorts of other detractors that might strip plain paint away.

powder coat

What Parts can be Powder Coated?

Any metal part of your vehicle can be powder coated, so long as it can hold a current to adhere the powder. Most customers get wheel rims powder coated, since they’re subjected to the most wear and tear. Other drivers like to powder coat their exhaust systems or other undercarriage parts, to protect them against unforgiving road conditions.

Benefits of Powder Coating

When you make an investment in powder coating services in Pendleton, OR, you’re getting a number of benefits, including:

  • A protective coating that won’t scratch, chip or flake
  • Protection from the elements, including corrosive moisture
  • A beautifully-finished façade that looks better than paint
  • Longevity from your parts and components
  • Customization that allows you to create a unique vehicle style

If you’re interested in powder coating for auto parts or want to learn more about this process and the many benefits that come with it, contact Western Radiator Inc. today to learn more. Our professionals have a long history of experience with powder coating and can provide you with results that are truly stunning. Contact us at 541-276-6468 to learn more.