Auto Heating and AC

Not getting the warm or cool cabin temperatures you expect when you roll up the windows and crank on the air? Your vehicle may be due for car air conditioning repair in Pendleton, OR. At Western Radiator Inc., we get to the bottom of auto HVAC troubles, to restore airflow to its optimal levels. We’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our gamut of capabilities spans the entire automotive heating and cooling system. Some of the many components we deal with include:

  • Heater cores: Without a properly functioning heater core, you’re not going to get those warm air temps you need. We replace heater cores that are no longer functioning, to ensure your vehicle is producing the warm air you desire.
  • Water pumps: Circulating coolant is critical in the operation of your vehicle. If you’re dealing with a broken-down water pump, we’re ready to deliver a replacement that restores the integrity of your car.
  • Belts and hoses: Belts and hoses can wear down and become damaged with time. We inspect and replace these vital components as needed to give you peace of mind about your auto heating and AC system.
  • Intake manifold: Problems with airflow can be serious for your auto HVAC system. Allow us to inspect and service your intake manifold, providing restorative solutions wherever they’re needed.
  • Intercooler systems: If your air-to-air cooler system isn’t working effectively to cool your engine, let us take a look. We’ll pinpoint the problem and offer up solutions you can count on.

In addition to these parts, we’re also adept at identifying and resolving a number of issues that can arise under the hood of your car:

  • Engine leaks: Leaks from your engine component can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. From coolant leaks to power steering fluid and more, we trace the source of the leak and provide necessary repairs.
  • Cooling system flushes: A coolant flush in Pendleton, OR is a routine service you can’t afford to skip. Come to us for schedule service and take full advantage of a cooling system that’s operating effectively.

For more information about our auto heating and AC services or to schedule an appointment with our talented professionals, please give us a call today at 541-276-6468.