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Common Car AC Problems and How to Diagnose Them

April 25, 2018 4:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

With summer fast approaching, you may be dreaming about all of the warm-weather activities and getaways that you can enjoy—but you should also be thinking about keeping yourself comfortable while doing so. If the air conditioner in your car isn’t working, you may be too warm and uncomfortable to really enjoy the nice weather. It’s a good idea to check your air conditioner out before summer hits so that you know it’s going to work well when you really need it to. Pay attention to some of the most common problems with auto ACs so that you know when it’s... View Article

10 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

April 12, 2018 4:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As difficult as the winter may be for you, it can be even harder on your car. That is why it is necessary to maintain your car throughout the winter so that it is ready for the spring and summer as well. From general vehicle inspections to AC repair in Pendleton, OR, here are 10 areas you should focus on to keep your car in good shape: Get rid of the salt: After a long winter of driving on salt-covered roads, your car’s undercarriage will need a good cleaning. Rid your car of all of winter’s grime as soon as... View Article

Seven Reasons to Not Skip Your Car Inspection

March 29, 2018 4:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

With the many things that life throws at you on a daily basis, it is not always easy finding the time to take your vehicle in for battery replacement or radiator repair in Pendleton, OR. As inconvenient as it may seem, though, these inspections are critical to ensuring that your car is in good shape every time you get behind the wheel. Here are seven reasons why you should not skip your next car inspection: Extended service life: If your car is inspected regularly, you will have plenty of opportunities to catch any issues before they turn into large-scale malfunctions... View Article

Powder Coating vs. Painting Your Car Parts

March 12, 2018 7:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s nothing quite like a good paint job on a vehicle. It adds flair and appeal to the car, while giving it depth and personality. Plus, it’s a great way to maintain a clean image. But paint isn’t the only way to add appeal to a car—there’s also powder coating in Pendleton, OR. Paint and powder coating are two means to the same end, each with its own pros and cons. For example, paint may not be as resilient as powder coating, while powder coating isn’t applicable for non-metallic parts. Understanding the nuances of each type of coating can help... View Article

What to Do If Your Car Overheats: Five Must-Know Steps

February 26, 2018 7:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever seen someone pulled over on the side of the road with the hood of their car open and steam billowing out? It’s easy to diagnose an overheated engine in these situations. But what exactly went so wrong that the engine overheated? And, more importantly, what can you do if this happens to you? Dealing with an overheated engine is ultimately going to land you in a radiator shop in Pendleton, OR. But, before you get that far, you’re going to have to manage the situation in a safe and resolute manner. Let’s take a look at the... View Article