Good Questions to Ask Your Car Mechanic

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For most people, how cars work is a complete mystery, and this can cause problems when things go awry. Even if you take it to a shop, you can end up with more questions than answers about what’s going on with your vehicle than you had to begin with. And even though most mechanics are on the up and up, you never know when you’ll encounter one that just sees you as an opportunity for a big payday.

Here are some key questions to keep in mind when you find out you need radiator repair in Pendleton, OR.

Can I take a look at the problem?

Even if you won’t know exactly what you are looking at, asking your mechanic to show you a problem firsthand can lead to a productive conversation about your car’s health. If the person doing the work is less than honest, this is a chance to test the water and figure out if you are being ripped off.

Can I wait to fix this?

Some problems are easy enough to fix with a few parts and a hour or so on YouTube, but others, not so much. If you are blessed with a rudimentary knowledge of how cars work, you might consider taking on the task yourself and saving some cash. On the other hand, if you’re a complete novice, leave the tinkering to a trusted mechanic who has been trained for the job.

Do you give written estimates?

Like many other specialty service professions, mechanics can get into a job and discover the cost of parts or labor will be more than they originally estimated. It’s important to get a written quote in advance to ensure that you are not left holding the bag when it comes to what you will pay.

Can I see the damaged part?

Like having your mechanic show you a problem under the hood, internal parts can be inspected to ensure they are really wearing out. If your mechanic is telling you that your shocks are shot, ask to see what they mean up close. If the part is off the car, they can show you that it is no longer working as it should be. It will give you piece of mind and a better understanding of your vehicle.

Does anything else need repairs?

Most good mechanics will make note of other problems as they see them, but be sure to ask just in case. This will give you a long-term view of what might need addressing in the coming months or what needs to be fixed right away.

How did you fix it?

Asking how a problem was fixed is an essential indicator of how honest your mechanic is. If they can’t tell you right away, they probably didn’t fix it. If parts are being replaced, and trust is yet to be established with your mechanic, you can ask to see the replaced parts to ensure that they are not just telling you they replaced them. This is fairly common and helps to keep everyone on the same page.

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