Is It Time to Replace Your Radiator?

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When the fuel tank gets low, it’s time to go to the gas station. When the windshield washer fluid runs out, it’s time to refill it. When tire treads wear down, it’s time to replace your wheels. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your radiator? Your local radiator shop in Pendleton, OR can help!

If you are wondering whether you need radiator repair in Pendleton, OR or if it’s time to replace the part entirely, use the following guide. Look for these signs that your radiator is at the end of its life and it is time to head to your radiator shop in Pendleton, OR for a new one:

  • Green fluid: Have you found any green fluid in your car’s parking space? If so, it is leaking coolant. This is a common sign that you need radiator repair in Pendleton, OR. If it is leaking, the radiator should be inspected by a radiator shop in Pendleton, OR. The technician may be able to patch the leak or replace a leaky part. In some cases, you may need to replace the radiator.
  • Rust: Sometimes, rust is present in the radiator. If this occurs, the rust can get into your cooling system and cause extensive damage to the engine. If rust is present, the radiator must be flushed to ensure all the coolant that has been contaminated is removed, so it does not cause damage to your vehicle.
  • Overheating: Is your engine overheating? The radiator’s job is to help keep your engine cool. If it is worn out, your engine runs hotter and can overheat. If you notice the temperature gauge for your coolant is running high, this is a sign your radiator is failing. Don’t ignore the issue, as it will only worsen. Get your vehicle to a radiator shop in Pendleton, OR for repairs or replacement.
  • Bad thermostat: If your thermostat fails, it will affect the radiator. It leads to engine overheating. If you suspect you need a new radiator, be sure to check the thermostat as well. You might only need to replace this part rather than the entire radiator.
  • Air: While air may seem innocuous, if it becomes trapped in your cooling system, it can negatively affect the radiator. The coolant will not be able to flow properly, so the radiator cannot work as it should. A mechanic at your radiator shop in Pendleton, OR can remove air bubbles that are present in your cooling system to restore proper functioning.

If you suspect it’s time to replace your radiator, contact the team at Western Radiator Inc. Our family owned and operated shop has been proudly serving customers since 1982. We offer in-depth knowledge of radiator repair in Pendleton, OR to assist you with all your coolant system needs. Our experienced technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, and we always strive to keep up with all current technology in heating and cooling systems. Stop by or call Western Radiator Inc. today for expert repairs.

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