How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

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In the rush that is our daily lives, it can be easy to put off vehicle maintenance and even the most basic types of care. But this sort of procrastination can mean costly fixes down the line. Simple things like worn brake pads can turn into pricy rotor repairs, and not having your car battery in Pendleton, OR tested for power can leave you stranded on the side of the road. It’s not just wasted money—it’s wasted time.

If you are one of the millions of procrastinators on the road today, then you can use some simple solutions and get back on top of your maintenance routine. Here are a few tips you can use to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle:

  • Create a regular maintenance schedule: Sometimes, scheduling an activity makes it seem less daunting and more manageable. Simply booking an appointment months in advance helps remind you that this needs to be done. When you keep up with regular maintenance, you can avoid costly services like a radiator fix or AC repair in Pendleton, OR.
  • Keep track of oil changes: Commuting to and from work puts a lot of miles on some cars, and without proper oil changes, those miles can lead to engine damage and early breakdowns. Most mechanics will use a sticker in the windshield to remind customers when they should come in again, but you can also track it yourself. Put a note on your phone or write it in a vehicle service logbook.
  • Check tire pressure: Every time you get gas, you should check your oil levels and air pressure. Not only can driving on low tires damage the tread and sidewalls, it can also make your car less responsive and dangerous. Keeping the tires inflated to their recommended pressure helps to ensure they will perform their best and keep you safe.
  • Warm it up: Giving your vehicle a few minutes to wake up in the morning helps to get it ready for a commute or long road trip. In hotter and colder climates, this practice can mean a smoother ride and less wear on the engine.
  • Treat the brakes better: There are a couple practices that are deadly for brake pads. Things like stopping sharply at stop signs, following too closely and braking quickly, and ignoring squeaks are not great for one of the most essential systems in your car. Be sure to give yourself more time to stop or downshift to give your brakes the break they need.
  • Perform easy maintenance at home: If you are mechanically inclined, doing some basic auto maintenance at home can keep a lot of cash in your wallet. Oil changes, fluid top-offs and bulb replacements can be really easy to do from the comfort of your garage or driveway. Be sure to consult your vehicle’s manual before doing any work on your car, as you might void the warranty or damage a component that requires a special tool.

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