How to Rent the Right Truck for Your Move This Summer

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Moving to a new home or apartment is an exciting event, but it can also be stressful. Trying to get all of your things packed up, not to mention actually moving your possessions to your new home, is a challenging process, to say the least. Regardless of whether you’re moving across the state or down the block, you will likely need a moving truck rental in Pendleton, OR. To make sure that you are getting the best value for your money, it’s important to take some extra time to select a moving truck rental company:

  • Get a head start: It’s a bad idea to make plans for your move at the last minute. Set aside plenty of time in advance to plan out your strategy and make arrangements for a moving truck rental in Pendleton, OR. It’s much better to have everything planned out ahead of time than to deal with the stress and chaos of last-minute arrangements.
  • Assess your needs: Think about how many possessions you have and the size of any furniture you are moving to help you determine the size of the moving truck you need. If you’re moving to a new home nearby, you can take multiple trips with the same truck which will allow you to rent a smaller moving vehicle.
  • Consider safety: Moving trucks can be pretty sizable, and it’s important to think about whether you will be able to drive one safely. If you’re used to driving a compact car, you might not feel comfortable with a large moving truck. Consider recruiting a friend who is used to larger vehicles to help you out with your move. You should also look for a truck rental company that offers moving supplies in Pendleton, OR to help you safely move any large items.
  • Research reviews: When you actually start researching companies that offer moving truck rental in Pendleton, OR, it’s a good idea to start with references and reviews. You can ask around among your family members and friends, and you can look at reviews and testimonials online to help inform your decision.
  • Compare pricing: Price isn’t everything, but it certainly plays a role in which truck rental company you choose. However, it’s important to look beyond the price itself and think about the value you are getting for your rental. Take customer service and the history of a company into account. The more experience a company has in a given area, the better equipped they will be to help you with your needs.

If you’re planning a move, you can trust the team at Western Radiator Inc. to help get you set up with the perfect moving truck for your needs. In addition to our fleet of reliable moving trucks, we also offer a range of moving supplies in Pendleton, OR so that you can seamlessly transition your possessions into your new home. We are proud to offer reasonable pricing and quality customer service to ensure that you have a positive moving experience. If you’d like to hear more about our moving resources, or you have questions about our repair and maintenance services, reach out to us by phone or stop by and see us today.

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