Tips for Preventing a Dead Car Battery

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You get into your car, slide the key into the ignition and turn it over to start the vehicle… only to hear a series of clicks, with no signs of life from your engine. You’ve got a dead car battery in Pendleton, OR on your hands!

Dead batteries can be frustrating, because they occur seemingly at random. Your vehicle may start fine one day and be dead the next, leaving you with questions about what happened in the interim. But, there are signs that can tip you off to a prospective problem with your battery. Keep an eye out for the following and you might just be able to spot a dying battery before it causes you a headache:

  • Your engine takes longer to start when you turn the key
  • Your lights dim and brighten at random while you idle
  • Electrical buzzing any time you turn on the radio or use the power features
  • Stalling problems or rough idling

Being able to spot potential electrical malfunctions means being able to get your battery inspected by a mechanic before it fails. Often times, an auto expert will be able to tell you with certainty that you need a new battery or, at the very least, what other potential problems may be presenting as a battery issue.

More than just observing the signs of a battery under duress, you can also take a proactive approach to staying on top of your battery’s health. Some tips include:

  • Make a note of when your battery was installed. On average, a reliable battery will last up to about 5 years. If you’re nearing that mark, it’s worth having your battery tested the next time you’re in for maintenance—even if it’s not showing signs of failure.
  • Have diagnostics run routinely on your car battery in Pendleton, OR each year. Usually one test per year is enough to give insight into your battery’s health. Often, testing is free, which makes this the simplest, easiest, most affordable way to care for your battery.
  • Work to maintain your battery as best you can. Clean terminals with a wire brush if they start to show signs of corrosion, then grease the battery to prevent future oxidation. If your battery has a capped compartment, make sure that the cap is always secure and undamaged.

All of these tips will go a long way in maintaining the overall integrity of your car battery. Plus, they’re all low or no cost, making them tremendously easy things to keep up on.

Finally, let’s not forget about the simplest thing you can do to stave off a dead battery: don’t drain it! Leaving lights on or sitting idle for a long time while using the radio are all ways to quickly run your battery dry. They’re also harmful for the battery itself, which means even after a jump, your battery is closer to failure than a well-kept one would be.

Don’t succumb to the frustration that can come from an unanticipated dead battery. Pay close attention to the tips above to keep your battery in good working order.

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