How to Get the Best Performance Out of Your Car’s Heater

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Winter is still in full swing across the country, which means we’re all relying on our cars’ heaters to keep us comfortable when we’re on the road. But while your heater might work swell most of the time, if your vehicle is more than a few years old, you might not be getting as much out of it as you could be. Flipping the dials to maximum heat and kicking the blower on full blast isn’t going to help, either.

If your heater takes forever to warm up or never really gets to a comfortable level, it’s smart to visit a mechanic that specializes in heating and AC repair in Pendleton, OR. But before you call and schedule an appointment, take a few seconds to give the following tips a try. They could be the secret to kicking your heater back into shape!

  • Let your car run for about 5-10 minutes before kicking the heat on. Running the vehicle before blasting hot air gives the engine a chance to warm up and enables your car to start pumping heated air into the cabin at a level that’s already comfortable. Drivers with automatic start will be able to do this with peace of mind—those without it might have to sit in the cold for a few minutes!
  • Get the car moving if you want to heat things up faster! Keep the heat off until you’ve been driving for a couple of minutes, then kick it on. This is a smarter alternative for people who don’t have the convenience of a garage where they can let their vehicle idle.
  • Click on the AC for a really sneaky way to heat your car without fogging up the windows. We tend to think about AC in a cold-air sense, but that’s not actually the true function of your vehicle’s AC system. In reality, AC controls the compressor in your cabin’s forced air system, which can help in the winter when the air is naturally dry. The compressor will further remove moisture from the air, preventing it from accumulating on the windows and creating a fog.
  • If you have re-circulation mode still on from summer, turn it off! Re-circulated air is great for when you want to keep your cabin cool in the summer, but in winter, all it serves to do is trap moisture inside your car, creating fog on the windows. Let your heater exchange air and you’ll avoid humidity in your cabin.

As a final tip, remember that the heat you experience in your cabin is created by the engine—meaning it doesn’t have an extra fuel cost associated with it. You can blast the heat as hard as you like, for as long as you like, without guzzling any extra gas.

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and you’re still driving around in an ice cube, there’s likely a performance issue with your system. Seek heating and AC repair in Pendleton, OR to have it found out and repaired, so you can drive comfortably through the remainder of winter.

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