Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

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Winter is almost here, and the holiday travel season is upon us! During November, December and early January, traffic can be unusually hectic and road conditions are likely to be treacherous. Whether you’re planning to visit relatives across town or go on a much-needed vacation across the country, you should ensure that your car is completely road-worthy. If you are planning to hit the highways this holiday season, there are several steps that you should take to make your vehicle ready for winter travel.

Don’t let car trouble wreck your holidays—pay a visit to someone who can perform a coolant flush in Pendleton, OR! Winterizing your car can make a world of difference in the success of your holiday plans, especially when you are fighting against the Pacific Northwest’s notorious precipitation and Eastern Oregon’s rugged, forbidding and mountainous landscape.

Working with a qualified automotive technician is the best way to ensure that your car is ready to take you home for the holidays. Here are just a few things that you should do to winterize your car before embarking this winter season:

  • Replace the coolant: At least once a year, you should undergo a coolant flush in Pendleton, OR, and there’s no better time than in the winter. Flushing and replacing your radiator’s antifreeze helps keep your engine’s temperature well regulated even when driving through rough environments.
  • Ready your tires: You should make sure that your tires are properly inflated, and that they have an appropriate amount of tread. In many parts of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, you will need to procure traction tires or snow chains before embarking on your journey. Check with local transportation authorities before leaving home!
  • Prepare your wipers: Because gravel will be covering many roadways to help provide traction, it’s extremely important that you have a working set of wipers. You should check the state of the rubber on your wipers, and determine if it’s suitable for removing ice as well as gravel.
  • Examine your heater: Before leaving home, it’s extremely important that you examine the health of your car’s heating system. Driving a car without working heat for extended periods of time isn’t just uncomfortable—it can also be dangerous! You will also need to ensure that you can safely and easily defrost your windows.
  • Inspect your battery: Cold weather shortens battery lifespans and makes it more difficult to operate them successfully. Additionally, it can be easier for water and contaminants to enter your engine area during the winter time. You should be sure that your battery is in good working order before leaving for your holiday outing!

Western Radiator Inc. has been providing customers with trustworthy automotive service since 1982. You can count on us to help you winterize your vehicle and prepare it for your holiday travels, regardless of where they may take you. In addition to providing your car with a coolant flush in Pendleton, OR, we can also assist you with checking your antifreeze levels and repairing your vehicle’s heating system. Reach out to one of our helpful representatives today!

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