Making Sure Your Car’s Heating System Is Ready for Winter with AC Repair in Pendleton, OR

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Believe it or not, the summer is officially over, and the time to begin preparing your car for the winter months that lie ahead is now. While it is ultimately best to have a system check completed by a professional provider of automotive AC repair in Pendleton, OR, there are a few things that you can monitor on your own.

Preventative maintenance is key

To get an idea of how your car’s heating system is operating before the winter arrives, turn your heat on and set it to the highest temperature setting. Turn the blower all the way up as well, and cycle through the various modes, including the floor, the dash and the defrost. This is a good opportunity to see how ready your heating system is for the cooler months, as you will be able to gauge whether enough heat is being produced and at what temperatures.

During this check, you will also be able to identify whether your blower is making strange noises or is running abnormally loudly. There could be any number of reasons that can lead to issues with your blower, but one of the main culprits is the buildup of debris that has accumulated during the summer and fall months. This debris will need to be removed to get things operating at peak efficiency in time for cooler weather.

Checking the coolant

You can also monitor your system’s coolant levels to determine any potential problems that might exist. While adding antifreeze isn’t difficult in itself, it is typically a sign that a deeper problem might be present, as your car shouldn’t be losing coolant when operating normally. There could be an internal leak that needs to be addressed in the radiator cap, a hose or the water pipe. In order to perform at its best, the radiator’s coolant will also need to be routinely flushed and refilled with the antifreeze that is the best match for your car’s system.

Don’t neglect your AC

Even though the year’s warmest days are behind you, this doesn’t mean that your air conditioning system won’t continue to play a role. It will be important to make sure that your air conditioning is just as ready for the winter as your heating system. It is your car’s AC that operates in the background to pull the humidity from the air, helping to effectively defrost your windows and give you greater visibility when you drive.

There are many other facets and components of your heating system that need to be prepared for the cold winter months, and our staff at Western Radiator Inc. is on hand to help get your system ready for what lies ahead. We have been handling car air conditioning repair in Pendleton, OR since 1982, and have encountered systems of all types over the years. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to make sure that your car is ready for the cold, so be sure to give us a call today to schedule your system check.

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